mod_developer is a comprehensive debugging tool for web applications running on IIS. Available since build

mod_developer provides detailed debug information about each HTTP-request: HTTP request and response headers, server and environment variables, querystring and forms values, cookies and sessions data. The module also shows the Helicon Ape configs that are applied to the specific request.

Enabling mod_developer

First, put the following lines into httpd.conf to enable mod_developer:

SetEnv mod_developer secure-key-1231234

Note! 1231234 sequence is randomly generated by you (now) and by Helicon Ape Manager (in near future).

enabling mod_developer

Next, request the following URL:

starting mod_developer

This will show you Helicon Ape debug panel in result.

showing mod_developer

This panel tells you the whole story of all requests related to the current page: status code, MIME type, processing time.

If you click on a specific request, you’ll get more detailed info including headers, cookies, server and environment variables, Ape configs applied and related logs:

detailed mod_developer

All this info may be a great help when debugging your Ape-relying website.

In the near future we’ll give a direct link to our sample site with mod_developer working so you can touch it live.

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