Helicon Ape Articles

Load balancing with Helicon Ape mod_proxy 

Helicon Ape mod_proxy module provides simple way to configure load balancer. This article is giving explicit instructions of how to configure and test such load balancer.

mod_seo - more SEO with less effort 

Introduction as well as a detailed guide to new mod_seo module which is destined to build good-looking URLs based on the applications DB data or maps without necessity to change anything in its code.

Web Caching: what is it? 

Theoretical article on types of caches, web server cache operation and its profitability.

How mod_cache works? 

Helicon Ape mod_cache description. Conditions under which requests will be cached or returned from the cache.

HTTP Authentication and Authorization 

What is HTTP Authentication and Authorization and how they work?

Enabling site authentication not using Windows users 

How to enable authentication for web site not using Windows users?

Introduction to mod_gzip 

What is mod_gzip, how it works and for which purposes?

Helicon Ape Manager - 10 helpful tips 

Helicon Ape Manager helpful features.

Exploding myths about mod_rewrite 

Illustration of Helicon Ape mod_rewrite capabilities and additional features.

Strong hotlink protection with Helicon Ape mod_hotlink module 

Description of mod_hotlink - the module aimed at protecting your web server from people stealing your traffic by directly linking to the content on your server. The article may be especially important for those having image, video, documents archives and other downloadable content.

Using Helicon Ape under IIS6 (Windows Server 2003) 

Peculiarities of running Helicon Ape on Windows 2003 Server.

How to enable mod_gzip compression for IIS7 

Enabling mod_gzip and adjusting it the way you want.

Example of mod_cache application 

Caching configuration on the example of PHP application called qdig (images web-gallery).

URL-rewriting basics and map-files application 

Basic URL-rewriting concepts and mapfiles application.

Tuning Wordpress with Helicon Ape on IIS7 (permalinks, browser/server caching, compression) 

Optimizing, speeding up and prettifying Wordpress operation using Helicon Ape.

How to enable mod_rewrite in Helicon Ape 

Enabling mod_rewrite module in Helicon Ape.

How to install Helicon Ape on shared hosting 

Installation of Helicon Ape on shared hosting without server administrator participation.