Uninstallation program removes all files created by installation, unregisters module from IIS and removes all other changes made to the system by installation program. The following user data files can be left after uninstallation if user decided to keep user files during uninstall:

Filename: Description:
Program Files/Helicon/Helicon Ape/httpd.conf main configuration file with user rules
Program Files/Helicon/Helicon Ape/error.log file containing error log
rogram Files/Helicon/Helicon Ape/rewrite.log file containing rewrite log
.htaccess (various folders) user created configuration files with rules

Option Keep user preferences and settings, when enabled, allows to save user created files. If disabled, uninstallation program will also remove user created files located in Program Files. .htaccess files will not be removed.

To uninstall Helicon Ape quietly form command line use following syntax:

msiexec /x HeliconApe.msi /qn KEEPUSERFILES=Yes