NTFS permissions requirements

Automatic installation of Helicon Ape on a clean default Windows system does not require any permissions tweaking. But installation of some other products like Plesk, IIS Lock Down Tool, etc. may tighten server security and prevent Helicon Ape from correct operation.

To ensure flawless Helicon Ape operation, the IIS Application Pool user must have Read and List folder content permissions to Helicon Ape installation folder and every folder with .htaccess files. By default IIS Application Pool users are members of <MACHINE>\IIS_IUSRS usergroup, so you can provide required permissions to this group if your server is configured according to Microsoft recommended guidelines.

Helicon Ape is a .NET module that runs in context of IIS Application Pool, so various .NET trust levels and custom .NET restrictions can also affect it's operation. If all NTFS permissions are granted but configuration files are not working, please refer to troubleshooting section of this documentation.