mod_asis module is used to send files that contain their own HTTP headers.

The module provides send-as-is handler that causes Ape to send the document without adding most of the usual HTTP headers.

This can be used to send any kind of data from the server (including redirects and other special HTTP responses) without an ASP script call or any other handler.

Quick start

Associate *.asis files with the send-as-is handler in httpd.conf file:

AddHandler send-as-is asis

After that the contents of any file with .asis extension will be sent by Ape to the client with almost no changes.

Here's an example of a file which content is sent as is so as to tell the client that the file has been redirected:

Status: 301 Moved Permanently
Content-type: text/html

	<title>You will be redirected to another page</title>
	<h1>The page you have requested has moved to <a href="">another location</a>.