Installation process

Please read system requirements section before running installation. Download and run HeliconApeXXXX.msi. Follow instructions from the installation wizard. Installation process is automatic and self-describing. No IIS or Windows restart is required after installation. No need to manually add any ISAPI filters, modules or extensions to your IIS configuration.

Note! On Windows 2003 you may need to map ASP.NET engine to the "*' file extension to make Helicon Ape process requests other than ASP.NET.

Command line installation

Helicon Ape can be installed quietly from the command line. Please use the following command line syntax for installation:

msiexec /i HeliconApeXXXX.msi /qn AcceptEULA=Yes REGISTRATIONCODE=Code REGISTRATIONNAME=Name

Where HeliconApeXXXX.msi is the name of Helicon Ape MSI package file, AcceptEULA=Yes indicates your acceptance of EULA, REGISTRATIONCODE and REGISTRATIONNAME are optional.

To uninstall Helicon Ape quietly form command line use following syntax:

msiexec /x HeliconApeXXXX.msi /qn KEEPUSERFILES=Yes

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