Trace HTTP traffic and IIS configuration

Since build Helicon Ape is equipped with brand new mod_developer module.

Revised mod_developer is capable of dispaying standard server-side debugging info:

  • headers
  • cookies
  • server variables
  • request processing duration

as well as Ape-specific details:

  • environment variables
  • merged server configuration (httpd.conf)
  • merged local configuration (.hatccess)
  • server and rewrite logs

With new mod_developer debugging of mod_rewrite rules is faster and easier as now you can see the hierarchy of subrequests invoked by RewriteRule.

To show you mod_developer in action we’ve created a special demo site. It’s a WordPress blog working with Ape and having mod_developer enabled for all visitors.

To touch live mod_developer follow the link:

Note! Debugging security is ensured by mod_developer environment variable. This variable stores unique secure key which only you should know. To start debugging simply request
Debuggung may also be enabled form Ape Manager (Options → Start Ape Debugger). In this case secure key is generated automatically and is pasted into your current configuration.

Please feel free to test our mod_developer and post your impressions in comments.

Best wishes,
Helicon Tech Team

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