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Make your websites work faster

In April 2010 Google announced, that speed of a web site will be considered as an aspect of web search ranking. This means that web site creators and webmasters need to optimize their websites. What is the best way to do … Continue reading

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Disk-based caching for IIS7

We have already shed some light on the question of web caching and its benefits in our «Web Caching: what is it?» article. We’ve also explained how web caching is realized in Helicon Ape in «How mod_cache works?» article. Back … Continue reading

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New caching functionality in Helicon Ape

Helicon Ape is in the limelight again. This time it’s boasting two new increadibly important and useful modules – mod_disk_cache and mod_mem_cache extending it’s caching capabilities to the next level. These modules allow to cache dynamically generated content on the … Continue reading

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Introduction to mod_gzip

Every day millions of web-servers around the world receive billions of bytes of network traffic. Each year the speed of Internet connections increases. Hosting providers offer perfect tariffs. It seems the mankind is going to forget about traffic saving problem … Continue reading

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Example of mod_cache application

In the previous articles we told you what cache is and how it works in Helicon Ape. Now it’s time to use obtained knowledge in practice. Today we gonna apply caching for PHP application called qdig that helps organize images … Continue reading

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How mod_cache works?

Helicon Ape release (coming very-very soon) will contain mod_cache module. And as we promised in our previous article we are now giving you more thorough description of mod_cache operation.

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Web Caching: what is it?

What is that and what’s it for? Web cache is a vital instrument to build lightning-fast web apps. Web cache stores HTTP responses that may be provided to the user without making a request to the server, i.e. no ASP/PHP … Continue reading

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