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Offline installation of Zoo components

Sometimes you may need to install Helicon Zoo components on a machine that is not connected to the Internet. In this article we will show how to prepare offline installation packages for Zoo products and engines that you can use … Continue reading

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Helicon Zoo 3.0 what’s new

New version of Helicon Zoo is available for installation and this version is a significant step towards usability and application portability comparing the the previous. To install it open Web Platform Installer and install one of the Hosting Packages, one … Continue reading

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Installing ContentBox CMS on Windows with IIS

ContentBox CMS is a professional open source modular content management engine that allows you to easily build websites, blogs, wikis, complex web applications and even power mobile or cloud applications. In this article you will find an instruction how to … Continue reading

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Multi technology hosting with Helicon Zoo

When we were making Helicon Zoo our main goal, aside from technology integration, was to create simple and unified solution for hosting providers to offer all mainstream web technologies and application engines to users. And now with better integration into … Continue reading

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Hosting Git, SVN and Hg (Mercurial) repositories on Windows with IIS

Git, SVN and Hg (Mercurial) currently are the most popular version control systems. In this guide we are going to show how to host repositories for these systems on Windows with Microsoft IIS 7+. We will be using a magnificent … Continue reading

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Running Railo on Windows with IIS in production

Railo is a free, open source CFML engine, that  is released under the GNU license. It is known to be highly performing and supported CFML engine available.  Most existing ColdFusion applications will work on it. This article provides simple instructions … Continue reading

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Installing Perl Dancer on Windows with IIS

Dancer is a popular open source web application framework written in Perl and inspired by Ruby’s Sinatra. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to install Perl Dancer on IIS for production use.

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Provocative SEF URLs with ISAPI_Rewrite

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Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs for phpBB

phpBB is the most popular bulletin board engine at the moment. It offers fantastic set of features but unfortunately Search Engine Friendly (SEF or SEO) URLs is not among them. Why you may need to have SEF URLs for your … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails on Windows in production

Windows environment has been traditionally treated as no-way for Ruby developers, especially when it comes to production. In the following article I will show how easy and efficient it could be setting up your Ruby environment in Windows for both … Continue reading

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