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Сounting downloads from your site

If you have some downloadable content on your site (installation packages), you’ll probably want to monitor the statistics of downloads. But the popular Google Analytics system cannot count that as it is working only inside html-pages. Another option is analyzing … Continue reading

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Prevent DoS attacks with Helicon Ape mod_evasive module

Hello, folks!Security is an important subject and we are trying to include some protection features into our software. Perhaps you have already heardabout HotlinkBlocker and its reincarnation in Helicon Ape — mod_hotlink module.Cool stuff, but we want to give you more. … Continue reading

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Strong hotlink protection with Helicon Ape mod_hotlink module

Hello everyone! We are happy to inform you that Helicon Ape and newer may boast additional functionality and especially mod_hotlink module. And for you to feel its power we offer a brief overview reinforced by real practical examples.

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Enabling site authentication not using Windows users

Sometimes you may want to add simple user authorization to your site, but it’s unlikely or impossible to use Windows users system. In such case a suitable solution is offered by HTTP authentication/authorization system implemented in Helicon Ape mod_auth fellowship.In … Continue reading

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HTTP Authentication and Authorization

Let’s start with definitions: Authentication or authenticity check is a comparison of person’s real credentials with the ones he enters (e.g. login and password). Authorization is the process of granting rights to a user (or a group of users) to … Continue reading

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