Manual installation

To manually install HotlinkBlocker you will need to download distinct installation package. Run HotlinkBlockerXXXX_manual.exe and unpack it to some folder. The content of installation package should be as follows:

  • HotlinkBlocker.dll – this is a HotlinkBlocker ISAPI filter itself. You need to add this ISAPI filter to the site you wish to enable HotlinkBlocker.
  • HotlinkBlockerMSG.dll – this is resource library needed to correctly display Event Log messages.
  • HotlinkBlocker.ini – this is a configuration file template. Put this file into the folder with HotlinkBlocker.dll and edit.
  • HotlinkBlocker.chm – this is a HotlinkBlocker documentation.

Please follow these steps to manually install HotlinkBlocker:

  1. Copy HotlinkBlockerMSG.dll into your SYSTEM32 folder and import HotlinkBlockerMSG.reg into the registry. This step is not required unless you want to see error message descriptions in the Event Log.
  2. Copy HotlinkBlocker.dll into some folder and register it as ISAPI filter for the site. We suggest you to create a separate instance of HotlinkBlocker.dll file for each site you are going to enable HotlinkBlocker. HotlinkBlocker.dll cannot be registered as a global ISAPI filter, only site level registration supported.
  3. Copy HotlinkBlocker.ini file into same folder where you have installed HotlinkBlocker.dll and open it for edit. Configuration file directives explained in a Text file configuration chapter.
  4. Put some unique string after the 'Signature='. This string will be used as a key for MD5 function to sign your URLs. We suggest you to put a new GUID string there.
  5. Uncomment or add some lines to [Protect] section of ini file to start protecting your content.
  6. If you have Registration name and Registration key put it into the httpd.ini as well.
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