IIS reverse proxy and load balancer with web admin panel

Since build Helicon Ape offers a web interface for the load balancer.

Web interface illustrates the current state of load balancers and their nodes.

load balancer web interface

The following info is shown for the balancer nodes:

  • Worker URL;
  • Route: name of balancer member;
  • RouteRedir: name of the node to redirect requests to in case of inaccessibility;
  • Factor: mamber relative weight;
  • Status: state of member;
  • Elected: how many times the node was chosen to process request, i.e. practically the number of processed requests;
  • Transmitted: number of bytes sent to the node;
  • Received: number of bytes received from the node;
  • EMA ResponseTime: exponential moving average of response time
  • Status TTL: period of time for which the node is excluded from the balancing process due to inaccessibility.

Here’s how you can set this handler to enjoy all this stuff:

<Location /balancer-manager/>
  SetHandler balancer-manager
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from ::1 localhost

Please pay attention that the URL to which the handler is mapped must be secured from unauthorized access. For instance, the access must be granted for local machine only (see example above) or basic/digest authorization must be enabled.

Feel free to try our web interface for the load balancer to facilitate control and get comprehensible statistics for any node and any balancer.

Best wishes,
Ruslan – Helicon Tech Team

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