Installation of ISAPI_Rewrite3 x64 on Windows 2008 Server x64

We’ve decided to write this article, because sometimes knowing internals of what’s happening to your server is beneficial and may save time and nerves.

This story may be used for two purposes:
1) to learn what’s happening to your system when ISAPI_Rewrite is being installed;
2) to follow the steps outlined in the article to make sure ISAPI_Rewrite was installed correctly (in case you have any concerns or something is not working as expected).

If you already have strong desire to install ISAPI_Rewrite, firstly, please check if your IIS Server contains all required components, especially those stressed on the picture:

If it’s OK, it’s high time to download and install the latest build of ISAPI_Rewrite x64 available on our site.
After that make sure ISAPI_Rewrite is registered in IIS. To accomplish this:

  • open IIS Manager
  • open Handler Mappings snap-in
  • Check if required handlers are there
  • open ISAPI Filters snap-in
  • Check if required filters were added (see the pic)
  • Open ISAPI and CGI restrictions snap-in
  • Check if required restrictions were added and set as Allowed

Now launch ISAPI_Rewrite Manager and write the following test rule in httpd.conf:

RewriteRule .? – [G]

Make request to any resource you can think of to check if ISAPI_Rewrite works fine.

If the result resembles the one above (410 Gone page), ISAPI_Rewrite operates correctly.

Now we will turn on 32-bit applications compatibility and check if everything is still working great:

  • open IIS Manager
  • go to Application Pools
  • choose DefaultAppPool and Advanced Settings
  • Set “Enable 32-Bit Applications” parameter to True
  • Now check ISAPI_Rewrite operation once again by making some request in the browser
  • The result should be the same as before (410 Gone). This means that ISAPI_Rewrite works just fine in 32-bit compatibility mode.

We’ve tried to be as explicit and clear as possible and hope this tour around your server’s settings will help you some day.

HeliconTech Team

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