Here are most frequent issues with LinkFreeze configuration and usage. Please go through this list before writing to the support service.

LinkFreeze is enabled but links on pages does not change

There can be a several possible reasons for this problem:

  1. Insuffient permissions to load filter dll or configuration file. Check ISAPI filters tab of your site if the LinkFreeze filter loaded. Set Everyone read permission to the Filters folder under LinkFreeze installation directory. And check System and Application log for possible error messages.
  2. HTTP compression is applied to the site. LinkFreeze cannot modify links in a compressed stream. If you are using HTTP compression product that comes as ISAPI filter, try to play with ISAPI filter load order in IIS settings. Set NotifyOrder parameter in LinkFreeze configuration file to HIGH.
  3. Links on the pages are in absolute format. By default LinkFreeze does not change links in absolute format, i.e. http://www.sitename.dom/link.asp but this can be enabled under advanced settings tab.

Broken images if directory separator used for substitution

You are using a directory separator '/' as any of the substitution characters. This changes document base and all document relative links become invalid. Possible solutions:

  1. Do not use directory separator as a substitution character
  2. Change all document relative links ( src="images/somefile.gif" ) into root relative form ( src="/images/somefile.gif" ).
  3. Use <BASE> HTML tag to explicitly specify document base for document relative links.

Links with long parameters don't work

There is a limitation in IIS for the number of characters in a URL path segment (the area between the slashes in the URL). If any substitution character other that slash '/' used then parameters include into IIS URL path segment increasing it's length. Default limitation value is 260 characters. You can disable this limitation in IIS by creating following registry key:


If it didn't help to resolve your problem write your question on the Support forum or send it to the Support e-mail. Please include your LinkFreeze configuration file and a link to your web site in the support request, this will help us to resolve your problem.