LinkFreeze is a fast and easy solution to optimize dynamic or database-driven website for search engines. It optimizes dynamic links on your site by substituting all unwanted characters and making links look like static file links.

Most of search engines don’t like dynamic content. They usually will not go deep indexing links with parameters, give such files much less pagerank or even refuse to crawl dynamic pages at all. The only difference between static and dynamic content is that links to dynamic files include question mark followed by a list of parameters, something like If you have online store, forum, or any other dynamically driven application and your site is full of such links it will be very hard to get this content indexed by search engines.

LinkFreeze can modify all these links making them look like an ordinary link to a static file. For example above link after applying LinkFreeze can look like Also note this will hide a technology your site is running on since there is no .asp file extension in the link anymore. All the substitutin characters and file extensions can be configured separately form a nice GUI or text configuration.

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The key benefit is that you don’t need to change anything on your website. LinkFreeze will modify all links on the pages right before the server will send response to the client. So users, search engine crawlers or any other clients will see the same nice statically looking links. And when somebody will navigate to such link LinkFreeze will intercept this request on the server and rewrite URL back to the dynamic form, so your applications will still thinking it is working with old dynamic links.

On the other hand LinkFreeze is usually safe for your current applications and backward links because all old dynamic links will remain working. If someone put old dynamic links in a favorites or if other sites are linking to yours using dynamic syntax - all these links will still work, but the pages on the site will contain new optimized links.


  • Optimize dynamic sites for search engine indexing by making all links look like a static file links.
  • Hide your application technology from intruders.
  • Easy solution apply without modifying pages on the site.
  • Safe – all old links and applications remain working just as if nothing changed.
  • Flexible - configure substitution characters and file extension hiding and apply different settings for different parts of your site.


  • Modifying links before server send response to the client and rewriting URLs back when they go to the server. Users will see optimized links and server applications will not even know about it.
  • User friendly GUI plus text configuration files to easily configure on a dedicated server and in a shared environment.
  • Ability to configure how new URLs will look by setting substitution characters for ?, & and = separately.
  • Redirect old style URLs to the new format to save all older backward links and search results
  • Hide real file extensions by replacing it with .htm
  • Apply different settings for directories and even files.
  • Ability to apply transformation only to certain links on pages by filtering a link format.

Pricing details

  • Free 45-day Trial Period.
  • Single Web Site License - $49
  • Server License - $249

Single Web Site Licens permits to enable LinkFreeze on one web site for unlimited period of time. Term “web site” is meant to be a Microsoft Internet Information Server Web Site node.
Server License permits to install and enable LinkFreeze on a single phisical computer with unlimited number of web sites or domains.