Quick start

The following is a step by step guide to start using HotlinkBlocker.

  1. Install HotlinkBlocker. Please read installation instructions to complete this step.
  2. Run “Internet Information Services” console from the “Administrative Tools” menu.
  3. From the list of web sites select a site you wish to protect with HotlinkBlocker. Right click this site node and hit “Properties”.
  4. In the site properties select HotlinkBlocker tab. If you can’t find HotlinkBlocker tab please read Installing Snap-in extension chapter.
  5. On the HotlinkBlocker tab click Enable button.
  6. To the directoies list add name of the folder with the images or other files that needs to be protected using /dirname syntax. Or use @regex syntax to match a regular expression. Examples: /images or /files/archive or @.*\.(jpg|gif|png)
  7. Choose a protection method. We always recommend you to use LINK protection method as most comprehensive and reliable. Please read specific chapters in the documentation for each protection method explanation.
  8. If you leave 'Blocked URI' field balnk all hotlinks will get a 404 error message as a result.
  9. Click Apply or OK. Please note no changes on the dialog will take effect until you hit Apply or OK.
  10. If you choose LINK protection method you will need to add xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_ templates into every link to the protected files on your site. Please read LINK protection type chapter for more information.
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