Protecting files

  • Enable HotlinkBlocker for your site.
  • In the directories section list select Add New. Fill a directory field by a name of the folder where the protected content is located. Folder names start from the root of the site, i.e. if you need to protect you need to type '/images' in this filed. Wildcard characters like as '?' or '*' are allowed. Don't put a root folder name ( i.e. '/' ) in this field or it will block all external links to that site.
  • You may also put a regular expression pattern in Directory field to match not only folders but also file masks and use more complex patterns with exclusions and conditional matches. The syntax is @regex where '@' character simply indicates that a pattern should be treated as a regular expression. This sintax is also supporteb by Balck & White lists to match referers and user-agents. HotlinkBlocker uses the same regular expression engine as ISAPI_Rewrite so read ISAPI_Rewrite documentation for regular expression syntax details. And it is not required you to learn regular expressions because you may simply use /dirname syntax.
  • Choose a protection type form a dropdown box. Please read specific sections in the documentation for each protection type.
  • You may leave blocked URI field blank, in this case hotlink requests will simply receive 404 errors. Or put a target URL in this box and hotlink requests will be redirected there. You need to specify a fully qualified URL in this filed, i.e.
  • Click Set and Apply and that’s it, your content is now protected against hotlinking. If you choose LINK protection method this will also require you to edit links on the site. Please read LINK protection section for more information.
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