ISAPI_Rewrite already available

We’ve recently released a new build (63rd) of ISAPI_Rewrite 3 that can’t actually boast any significant changes or features, but has some really important fixes:

  • now ISAPI_Rewrite deals well with map files paths with spaces (e.g. C:\Program Files\…);
  • RewriteHeader directive is now correctly converted from v2 syntax using our syntax converting tool;
  • and some improvements in Unicode representation in the rewrite log were made.

That’s all for now:)

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One Response to ISAPI_Rewrite already available

  1. Tim Acheson says:

    We've been using in production since mid-2009 when I evaluated it following this release.

    I wrote an article today showing how easy it is to fix the problem of multiple slashes in URLs using Helicon Tech ISAPI Rewrite 3:

    How to prevent multiple slashes in URLs

    Superfluous slashes is such a common problem, impacting on SEO. It affects major websites, like Yet it's so easy to fix via ISAPI rewrite!

    Thanks — keep up the very good work. 🙂