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Tidbits: Making Ape work with Plesk 9.5.1

If you have Ape and Plesk installed on your server, you may come across the issue that Ape is not working in it’s entirity. This may be caused by the fact that Plesk overrides the handlers list for each domain … Continue reading


Tidbits: Disabled ASP.NET handler prevents Ape from working

There have always been problems with any kind of software, when the software itself is installed correctly but doesn’t seem to work. The same problem occured with Helicon Ape while installing on Windows Server 2003, IIS6. User had full control … Continue reading


Tidbits: Plus sign in IIS7

This seems to be a known issue, but I’ll cover it once again just in case… So, after fresh install of IIS7 you are likely to notice that requests containing plus (‘+’) character are not accepted.

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Tidbits: dynamic mapfiles names

Not so long ago one of our clients urged us to test an interesting situation we’ve never tried before. The result was positive and saved him a lot of lines in the config file. Now we want to share this … Continue reading

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Tidbits: ISAPI_Rewrite double registration

Hello! We have decided to start a series of little titbits about our software. You may find them interesting and helpful. Today we’re gonna explain you what the “double registration” term means. It’s a typical situation on our support when … Continue reading

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