Helicon Jet is all-in-one solution to save web traffic and to improve IIS server performance and availability. It offers set of features that in a whole form a unique product to boost your web site performance to the skies. Three major functions that Helicon Jet stands on are: HTTP compression, server-side caching and client-side caching. All these served in a highly flexible and intelligent manner, plus providing simple one-click ready to use configuration. Helicon Jet can compress and cache both static and dynamic web site content, making approximately 40%-60% traffic reduction on text content and up to 80% of CPU time saving in case of dynamic content caching.

Install Helicon Jet, adjust it according to your needs and enjoy fast and reliable functioning of your web server along with the grateful customers.


  • Effectively compress static and dynamic server responses for both HTTP and HTTPS connections.
  • Comprehensive configurations for different directories, files, file types or MIME types.
  • Real time compression with a streamed output for the fastest performance and Time to First Byte.
  • Additional level of control through HTTP headers making it possible to configure Helicon Jet from various applications, including URL rewriters.
  • Server-side caching functions including dynamic content and script response caching.
  • Client-side cache enable feature by setting proper HTTP Cache-Control response headers helps to significantly unload the server.
  • Contains extensible list of exceptions to ensure proper operation of specific browsers and user agents.
  • Comprehensive predefined settings to start efficient and safe operation out of the box.
  • Cached file names can rely on a query string values, allowing caching for dynamic and database driven pages.
  • Simple installation and friendly GUI configuration tools.
  • Text file configuration allows easy cloning and editing configurations, even in a shared hosting environment.
  • Default settings file useful for mass installations and hosting providers.
  • Ultra high performance pure C++ module implementation.


  • Helps improve web server operation by reducing traffic.
  • Provides rapid page load thanks to comprehensive caching mechanism.
  • Highly-adjustable compression capabilities
  • Simple and friendly interface