How to rename ?

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How to rename ?

14 Sep 2017, 09:40

Hello guys!
The case is that I cannot rename the deploy file.
I endeavor to deploy a ruby on rails (3.2.17) application via HeliconZoo on an IIS Windows 2008 Server. I've coppied the entire Envelope to my creation framework and renamed deploy_done.rb to deploy.rb. At that point I have two Issues:
In the first place, I need the deployment to begin directly, however I couldn't oversee it, not even by restarting the Site in IIS, just by beginning the entire server, what I can't do whenever.
Second issue is that when the deployment starts working somehow, HeliconZoo is not renaming deploy.rb document back to deploy_done.rb. This outcomes in conveying over and over.

What should I do?

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