Helicon Manager ISAPI_Rewrite Question

ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful URL manipulation engine based on regular expressions
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Helicon Manager ISAPI_Rewrite Question

08 Jun 2016, 21:57

I have a request to re-direct traffic to another url when a request comes into ustore. Here is an example:


Gets redirected to:


I’m thinking the best way to achieve this is using your helicon manager ISAPI_Rewrite program. This is my first time using this and wanted to know the best way to achieve this. I’m thinking of using a regular expression to do this. Thoughts?

Here is what I tried to come up with:

RewriteRule (storied=19) https://abcxyz.com/memberservices?appName=TEST1234

This doesn’t appear to be working? Can you help me write the correct rule to achieve this?


Using http://www.regexplanet.com/advanced/perl/index.html I'm able to get a match using the following expression: [\?|&](?<storeid>.*?)=[^&]*&?. When I paste that into the RegexTest within the Helicon Config Editor, I get Pattern Not matched. What is weird is that I can match items prior to the ? but it doesn't want to search past the ?.


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Re: Helicon Manager ISAPI_Rewrite Question

10 Jun 2016, 13:40


I'll repeat my answer here.
The query string part of URL is not a part of normal match string in RewriteRule directive. You will need additional RewriteCond to match anything in query string:

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RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} storeid=19([^\d]|$) [NC]
RewriteRule ustore/login\.aspx$ https://abcxyz.com/memberservices?appName=TEST1234 [NC,R]

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Re: Helicon Manager ISAPI_Rewrite Question

16 Jun 2016, 13:56

Thanks for the update. I'm working on trying it out. I was able to add javascript to our uStore storefront and that got around the issue as well. Thanks,

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