Capturing Port Number in ReWriteCond Host:

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Capturing Port Number in ReWriteCond Host:

25 Feb 2013, 09:00

Hi Guys, hope you can help.

We have a website that we want to setup within ISAPI_ReWrite 2.x. The nature of the website means that we want to use non standard ports.

So the URL to get to it is say
Our firewall does a port redirection from this address to the reverse proxy server on port 80
The ISAPI_ReWrite takes over with the following rule:

RewriteCond Host:
reWriteRule (.*)$1 [I,P]

However this doesnt work. The log is empty and always have been.

I think it may be because the initial user URL contains port 58000 and this is not included in the ReWriteCond Host: rule? I have tried adding it but it generates a internal server error.

Does anybody know how to do this?

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Re: Capturing Port Number in ReWriteCond Host:

25 Feb 2013, 10:00

Try this:

RewriteCond Host:\:\d+)
RewriteRule (.*) http\://\:8081$1 [I,P]

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