Helicon Ape – 3 new modules and even more

We are here again to let you know of a new Helicon Ape build –
This build is quite a big step forward compared to the previos one. So… what has changed:

  • 3 new modules added:
    • mod_mime destined to associate requested filename extensions with the file’s behavior (handlers and filters) and content (mime-type, language, character set and encoding);
    • mod_evasive is an efficient instrument to get rid of DoS/DDoS and brute force attacks;
    • mod_developer is a perfect HTTP-level tool for web developers providing a bunch of all-round information for the HTTP request.
  • and some improvements implemented:
    • enhanced algorithm for generation of web sites tree in Helicon Ape manager (does not cause delays even with hundreds of sites on your server);
    • sites list in Helicon Ape manager tree in now sorted alphabetically;
    • new core level directive – StopOnError – makes it possible to tell Helicon Ape how to process unknown directives: when it’s on, the browser will throw 500 error; when it’s off (default), unknown directives are ignored.
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  1. Rather insightful bless you, I reckon your trusty subscribers could perhaps want further stories of this nature carry on the excellent effort.